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News & Reviews

Seattle Times, 11/2009

With 100 acres all organically grown, the founding farmers hope all future winegrowers will continue the practice. If so, Naches Heights will enjoy bragging rights as our state's only all-organic appellation.

Wines Northwest, 11/2009

"...the real story is his Pinot Grigio.  A tempting companion to oysters, the wine offers clean aromas of citrus, melon and flinty mineral with the palate echoing the nose while whispering crisp nothings to the oyster."

American Lawyer 6/2009

He planted about ten of the 85 acres with 22 grape varieties from Italy, France, and Portugal.  Beveridge is finding out which varieties perform best, picking yeast strains to pair with each pressing during fermentation, and deciding what type of barrel to age them in.

Seattle Magazine, April 2008

"this lovely Nebbiolo, one of a kind among Washington reds, has the classic light color and tannic structure of an Italian Nebbiolo..."